Become a partner of GAYA HUMAN EXPERIENCE and join R/EVOLUAÇÃO

GAYA HUMAN EXPERIENCE is looking for partners who share our passion for music, dance, well-being and sustainability. Together, we can transform this event into an even more meaningful and impactful celebration.

Why be a partner?

  • Strategic alliance: Collaborate with an event that promotes values ​​of inclusion, sustainability and mental health.
  • Network: Connect with leaders and innovators in well-being, sustainability and conscious practices.
  • Co-Growth: Create new opportunities for growth and positive impact for your brand or organization and our community.

What we look for in partners:

  • Aligned values: Organizations and people committed to promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.
  • Community commitment: Partners willing to contribute to the well-being of the local and global community.
  • Innovation and creativity: New ideas and innovative approaches that enrich the event experience and expand its reach.

How to become a partner: Interested in collaborating with us? Get in touch and let's explore together how we can create an unforgettable and impactful event.