GAYA HUMAN EXPERIENCE is the first festival in Portugal with 0% alcohol, 0% drugs and 0% carbon footprint , and its mission is to revolutionize the way we experience festivals, promoting sustainability and mental health.

On the 14th and 15th of September, in Vila Nova de Gaia , we invite everyone to be part of this paradigmatic change, where the focus is on the comprehensive care of the body, mind, emotions and spirit.

In this pioneering festival , we celebrate the union of music, dance and well-being in an inclusive and welcoming environment for the entire community, regardless of social status. We believe in equality and creating a conscious community that values ​​self-care and care for the whole.

GAYA HUMAN EXPERIENCE is an extension of Ecstatic Dance Gaya and INEXCO.PT bringing together a vibrant international community. We go beyond dance, offering workshops, lectures, yoga, acroyoga, meditation, breathwork and concerts, all designed to inspire, educate and promote personal growth.

We invite everyone to take the first step towards a true and significant transformation, aligning themselves with what makes sense and is true for each person and benefiting everyone. At GAYA HUMAN EXPERIENCE , we experience joy, authentic connection, offline life and connection with Mother Earth GAYA. Dance becomes a cure and a release from limiting beliefs, providing everyone with the opportunity to be who they really are, without masks and without filters connected to their true essence.

Join us in this unique celebration and discover how the GAYA HUMAN EXPERIENCE can transform your life, promoting well-being, joy, harmony, peace and a deep connection with the community and nature. Come be part of this R/EVOLUTION and help redefine the concept of festivals in Portugal and the world.